We provide a shortest TAT of 2 hrs and longest TAT of 72 hrs for file processing and delivery.
We provide the 100% delivery as per the specification and text accuracy up to 99.9% with timely delivery.
Since data privacy and its security are such a prevalent issue, we at PGTec take the most step to ensure it's protected. We follow the below rules to ensure the data is protected.
  1. No personal email access is allowed for the employees.
  2. No USB usage is permitted with the Production area.
  3. Data is securely stored on the company server and its usage is permitted within the office systems.
  4. No VPN access is allowed for production work.
  5. All malicious emails/files are blocked and monitored with the strick domain rules.
We have our own FTP server that we use for receiving and sending files. Each client is allocated the required space to be able to individually maintain the space for their transfer activity.
No, we do not charge for samples, to reduce marketing cost we do joint pilot as well with no cost involved for customer to bid for new projects.