We The one

Patel G Tech (PGTec) is the kind of partner that clients bring their problems and challenges to… and we love it.


Our clients bring us those problems and challenges because they know that PGTec can be counted on to act as a true partner and let the clients’ needs and goals guide their work, rather than trying to make every problem or challenge fit a predefined solution. To our clients, PGTec is far more than a list of services that we provide, or the people that will move heaven and earth to make sure that they always hit their schedules. Our clients know that PGTec is a real partner whom they can count on to help them solve problems, overcome challenges, and have a meaningful impact on their company – both the bottom line and the products that they produce.


Our pragmatic, innovative, flexible, results-oriented, and cost-effective content creation, conversion, enhancement, preservation, and distribution services enable content-centric businesses around the world. PGTec helps them continue to grow their businesses in a hyper-competitive market, while also keeping their costs in line with economic and commercial realities.


Over the past decade, PGTec has grown from a small vendor to multi-national content services companies (often the kind of company that larger vendors would outsource work to, unbeknownst to the client), to an innovative multi-national vendor on our own over the past decade.


With support from our parent company, the multi-million-dollar Group, we’ve been able to double in size over the past couple of years and are well on our way to more than doubling again in the next coming year. Support from the parent organization has enabled us to do things the right way at every step, rather than needing to take short cuts to “keep the lights on”. What that means for our clients is that we can be counted on to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals, without the constant haggling about pricing that happens with other vendors that don’t have the robust and stable base of support PGTec has.


As we continue to grow, the same innovative, flexible, results-oriented, and customer-first ethos that has served us (and our clients) so well over our first decade in business will continue to guide everything that we do.


If you don’t feel like you can bring your problems to your vendor, maybe it’s time to call PATEL’s and find out what it’s like to have a partner that can deliver for.


Past few years record, PGTec has…

  • Processed more than 3 million pages of journals and periodicals of leading STM publishers.
  • Processed more than 10 million+ pages of XML, HTML and EPUB.
  • Processed more than 7+ million pages of magazine, books, historic content.
  • Digitized 1.9+ million newspapers for various formats.
  • Scanned and Indexed 5+ million pages of various document content.
  • Supported publishing services in several other languages like German, French, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, Arabic, etc.
  • Developed innovative technology and processes to move delivery times from being measured in days to turnaround times as fast as 2 hours when required.