Evolving digitization has given a new shape and perspective to the overall accessibility of content across the globe. More and more people now read eBooks as it comes in multiple languages, supporting nearly all major languages worldwide.

At PGT, we have an in-house team of language specialists to convert your content to multiple languages given your choice of language to target various geographical spheres. With over 1,00,000 + eBooks already converted to various formats that include epub, epub3, mobi, fixed layout, repub etc., we offer multilingual support for German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Hawaiian, English etc. In addition, we integrate support for images, style sheets, CSS and more.

The Multi-language support we offer is available for a variety of books that includes Children books, Recipe books, Animation books Interactive books, Adult books, Novels, Travel books, Magazines, Audio-books/Read Aloud books, etc.

Our global language support is equipped with vertical writing, which is usually witnessed in Japanese language publishing, and right-to-left spine progression, which is the feature of Japanese and Arabic language publishing.

We not only convert your e-books into multiple languages, we also make it accessible to diverse language speaking people all over the world.

Just let us know your language requirements to ensure you get the most professional and high-end e-book publishing support from our team of experts.