“Recipe”. Usually, when we encounter the word “recipe”, the first thing that strikes is “food”. as it has always been associated with cooking. But we at PGTec would like to define this a bit differently. Anything with an ingredient is a recipe. For example, a knitting pattern has wool and the knitting tool as its ingredients. This is not all. We would move further by adding more and more variety to our Recipe extraction project.

  • Food Recipe
  • Knitting Pattern Recipe

With the advance in technology in the digital world, every person loves to store data that can be easily accessible at any time and from any place. The food/knitting pattern recipe can be made available separately in pdf and XML format (XML for the publisher) and just a simple subscribe would make it easily accessible through their mobile, tablet, or PC on the move.


You have a puzzle!!! we have the solution! We at PGTec provide a solution for conversion of individual Puzzles like Arrow words, Sudoku, Crossword and Word Search available in various magazines into Jason XML format.

The XML will contain the Outline coordinate of the puzzle along with the coordinate of each square block like in a crossword. Jason also highlights the relative block pertaining to each Solution.

This initiate is to make each individual puzzle be made available to the witty minds who love to scratch their brain by solving difficult puzzles.

Do get in touch to know more!!!


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a readable format for structuring data and is often used when data is sent from a server to a web page.

JSON files are lightweight files compared to other XML files, hence it is easy to use in the web and other APIs.


End-to-end journal publishing services supporting academic institutions, researchers, and publishers in publishing scholarly works like thesis, research papers, dissertations, etc.

We provide complete editorial and XML solutions for journal publishers, beginning with cleaning up, structuring, editing, and converting content available in print, word processor, or any other format.

With our expertise, we can deliver Journal files within shortest Turn Around Time.