One time Investment long term saving

Our own infrastructure:

  • Company-owned 10,000 sq. feet of Infrastructure.
  • 3400 square feet of Inhouse accommodation facility for staff.
  • Colortrac SmartLF SC 42 Xpress, Epson v 600 & Canon DR C225 scanners (Total 7 in numbers, No matter how big the size of the input page is, we can scan up to A0+ size).
  • IBM Blade Server to secure the data
  • Offline 200TB NAS storage space, Online 3000 GB FTP day transfer capacity
  • 3 up to 100 Mbps dedicated high speed (ISP) internet leased line (Enable us to transfer a huge chunk of data in a single transfer).
  • Primarily 70 kva online UPS backup and 24*7 Secondary backup Genset (Never lose the data due to power fluctuation).