We are constantly being fed with huge chunks of data and analytics and the biggest challenge is to analyze, store and use them in the right way. We, at PGTec, have a team of data experts that can help you optimize your business data, aggregate and abstract it for data monetizing.

Be it your ERP, Salesforce, CRM or any other type of database we deliver secure data entry with quick turnaround time. We also manually cleanse and enrich your database frequently and this includes data filtering, removing of typo/spelling errors, complete missing records, cleansing mailing lists and junk data, and removing duplicate entries. You only get what you want! Besides, we follow the industry standards and deploy automated as well as manual processes to verify, validate and update your data.

We also have experts who deliver the finest digital output after proofreading using OCR technology that is at par with the current industry standards. Our data processing solution includes capturing, digitizing and processing of data from multiple resources. We deliver all kinds of textual data capturing that includes manuscripts, forms, credit cards, order processing, market research forms processing and much more.

If you are facing the increasing flow of inbound emails that often require a quick response, we can help. Reduce costs, gain confidentiality and data security, improve productivity and consistent quality, and get a reliable and experienced partner leveraging our email processing solutions.

With cross-industry experience, we, at PGTec, help researchers to have access to the most accurate and fundamental data given their business needs. This helps them make the right and smart revenue-driven decisions. Our process of data mining includes anomaly identification, market analysis, clustering, classification, regression, and finally summarization and preparation of the database. Whether you are looking for market and product research, business research, document research, event research, leads research, or even social media research, you get all under a single terminal.

Finally, we can help turn your big data into actionable insights. We analyze your business and financial aspects, perform market research for evaluating supply and demand trends, and perform domain-based analytics in specific verticals given your business needs.

DATA ENTRY - Online Offline

There can often be a huge amount of data, which if not handled properly can lead to plenty of problems. It is important to be sure that you are putting in your best effort for the sake of handling data in an apt manner.

At PGTec, we specialize in the field of data entry. We have some of the skilled experts on board who have experience in handling a wide vortex of data formats. No matter, how big or small your data maybe, but we are well versed in the art of handling data. So, when you are on the lookout for efficient data entry services, you can always fall back on our expert help.

What Do We Offer?

Data entry services can be categorized as both online and offline.

We have experts for both types of services. Data entry is essentially the act of entering the right information in electronic formats using either data processing software or even tools like word processing elements and so on.

The task can be carried out online or it can also be performed from the confines of one’s own home. We have both kinds of experts and no matter how simple or specialized your work may be, we ensure accurate data entry services.

How Do We Work?

We make sure to procure the complete details from the clients. We duly note down every aspect to ensure that there is no gap in communication and things can actually be done like they have been promised. When we have done thorough work and carried out the right work, we inform our clients about it and they can cross-verify.

When it comes to data entry, the two main crucial actors are accuracy and deadlines. At PGTec, you do not need to worry about both these points as we specialize in these aspects.

So, if you want to process your data and enter it in an organized format for quick retrieval later on, you know the right company to seek help.

Data capture services

Data capture services mainly refer to the art of capturing data from different formats and then digitizing them by covering it into the required form. In today’s times, the volume of data is increasing every day.

Data can be procured from psychical sources like books, newspapers, receipts, photographs, and even other files and documents. The useful data present in this format may need to be converted into a digital format which in turn can be used for various constructive purposes.

This is precisely what we specialize in at PGTec. We have a panel of experts who have been trained to accurately and quickly capture data from different formats and turn them into digital formats. Electronic data capture is one form of data capturing services wherein we acquire data from different physical sources and then change them in an electronic format.

Steps we follow:

While we do have typing experts who can quickly convert the data in physical format to electric format by typing it, but when we are dealing with a huge amount of data, a more streamlined and accurate format needs to be used. Here are the key steps which we follow.

1. Data Collection: all the data is collected at one source so that we can assess the amount of data that has to be captured.

2. Scanning: the data is then fed to optical high-speed scanners to obtain a digital image form of the data.

3. OCR/ ICR: the data is processed using the optical character recognition or the intelligent character recognition and it can then be stored in d database.

Based upon your requirement, we are willing to follow any of these or even your mentioned procedures. The end product will be the required data in the desirable format which will be free from errors and shall serve your need.

Data indexing

Data indexing is the term which mainly concerns with quick, efficient, and easy retrieval of the data which is fed into the system. As there may be a huge amount of data pertaining to books, it is important to ensure that you have an efficient data indexing service set up.

From maintaining an ordered list of the different books, the titles, their codes, and even cross-references and other document details, there is so much that is a part of data indexing.

At PGTec, we have some of the specialized experts who are aware of the intricate details of how the whole indexing needs to be carried out.

What do we have to offer?

When you are all geared to have your eBooks published and accessible to people at large, one of the best things you need to do is be sure that you are exploring the best data indexing services. Unless your data is aptly stored and easily accessible for quick retrieval, it won’t serve the right need and is only going to worsen the matter.

We are clearly aware of this feature and this is the reason we make it a point to understand and assess the details of data indexing. We have the finest staff on board we have the experience of dealing with huge amounts of data.

Owing to this, we can take hold of the data and arrange it in an apt manner which will help you in having things reorganized. No matter, whether you are looking to index the count of your book in the digital foremast or you have a repository of books which must be thoroughly indexed, we have the right resources and manpower to help you.

With some of the finest services and that too at a justified price, we are sure the right ones to visit.

Data Keying

As a part of our initiative to ensure apt services, PGTec also offers some of the finest data keying services too.

Date keying refers to the process of typing the data content in a word file based upon the physical document/handbooks. Ideally, in most cases, it is seen that keying is carried out by operators and once the keying process is done, we make it a point to compare the final output with the source data for accurate content.

Our specialty

When you choose the best data keying services at PGTec, you can experience some of the best advantages which include:

Confidentiality: we have a zero-tolerance policy for sharing the content as we understand that it can be confidential for your firm.

Transparency: further, to avoid any kind of skepticism and doubt, we also make it a point to be completely transparent in our approach as it builds confidence.

Custom services: while our service is quite diverse and varied and encompasses most points, we offer custom services tailored as per customers’ needs.

Security: at PGTec, we specialize in data security and take every aspect very seriously. We have plenty of software for stringent checks of security aspects.

So, if you have a manuscript with you and you want to convert it into the digitized format, come and avail our expert data keying facilities. We also offer single and double key and compare process.

In the double compare process, two operators key the same data simultaneously. The content for both the operators is then compared to check which one is more accurate. This is further followed through by our default check process as well to offer the right content.

If data keying is one of your service needs, you should definitely consider visiting us. We offer reliable keying services at an affordable price.


One of the most baffling problems faced by a lot of companies is the trouble of enormous data. As companies need to keep a record of their customers and the inventory and other data records, it becomes crucial to find out the apt data cleansing and enrichment services.

Let us get into more details of what these services are and how these can help you in performing well.

Data cleansing

Data cleansing is the process that pertains to removing junk data and even finding out typos and errors in the files. There can be a lot of errors in the data and this may include error with data structure and even issues with semantics and numbers.

Apart from this, there are companies that keep multiple copies of data. This can also lead to data inconsistency if one of the copies isn’t updated as regularly as the other.

At PGTec, we specialize in these services as we make it a point to go through your data structures and eliminate redundant and unwanted deflate and cleanse all those files which will serve no need.

Data enrichment

This is the kind of service wherein if you have multiple copies of data, the latest information will be updated on the set which is to be preserved. It comes in handy for all those companies wherein they need to maintain a customer log for detailed and thorough research to carry out subsequent marketing.


We also offer data validation services. In this segment, we make it a point to thoroughly process cleansed and enriched data as per a specific and a set standard. This covers both data cleansing and enrichment and the final output will be thoroughly arranged data that will be orderly and easy to retrieve as well.

So, make it a point to avail our expert help and we will handle your data segments in the desired manner.


Optical character recognition mainly refers to the process of converting the different images of either textual or even handwritten format to a machine-encoded text which can then be used for multiple purposes.

OCR is one of the most efficient technologies which help you in covering a huge amount of text and image-based files in a few moments to a format that can be easily understood by the machine. While scanners can also convert hand-typed documents or text into an image format, but that image cannot be used for editing the text.

In such cases, you would need apt OCR software as it will help you get the content in a machine-understandable format and this can help in subsequent editing.

What do we have to offer?

At PGTec, we make it a point to hire some of the most specialized experts who are thorough with the mechanism of using the apt software for optical character recognition. We are aware of the three intricate principles behind OCR technology namely – integrity, purposefulness, and adaptability.

When we are offered an assignment, we make use of the finest software to first analyze the structure of the document. Then, the page is divided into separate segments and sub-segments. Once the different characters have been separated, the program then maps it and compares each of them with a definite set of images.

After a lot of careful computation, the program then finally offers you the complete text. Those who choose to avail of our services have managed to get the finest digital output.

With the best set of services, we can give you some of the finest digital output and this will ensure that your digital eBooks will be at par with industry standards. We have both the experience and expertise to help you out.


Document management refers to the method of using a computer system or a set of software for the sake of storing, managing, and tracking plenty of different electronic documents along with other e-images of physical sourced documents.

Document management makes use of document management systems (DMS) and it is important to be sure that one can handle all the data in an apt manner. The amount of data that you have maybe whopping and huge. This makes it important to have some kind of system that will allow you to organize the content in a streamlined and rude manner.

How do we excel in our tasks?

At PGTec, we have a team of experts who are thoroughly skilled in the work we carry out. We take care to explore the details of the needs of our clients and then tailor our services accordingly.

No matter, the amount of data you are dealing with, our experts will program the data to the system and manage the different documents and files in an apt manner. With the electronic system of retrieving the document, the whole process speeds up and it becomes even more efficient.

Following are some of the key standpoints which become the founding pillar of our success.

• Data backup: we make it a point to keep a backup of your data so that in the unforeseen circumstance of software failure, your data will not be completely lost.

• Privacy: we are aware of the sensitive files and the ones that may be highly confidential. At PGTec, you do not have to worry about your data files being stolen or misused as at all.

• Pricing: we know that everyone is looking for a budget solution and this is why we pride ourselves on offering quality document management services at the justified rates.

Hire us today and rest assured that all your documents will be stored in an electronic format, safe and secure.


Data processing is not a small, one-time process. It requires a lot of time, effort, and most importantly expertise. Why block your precious time in non-core yet sensitive and critical data processing tasks? Outsource this task to the experts of PGTec and devote your valuable time to increase your profitability and drive greater value to your business. Our data processing solution includes capturing, digitizing, and processing of data from multiple resources. We deliver all kinds of textual data capturing that includes manuscripts, forms, credit cards, order processing, market research forms processing, and much more!


If you are facing the increasing flow of inbound emails that require a response most of the time, we can help. Outsourcing your email processing is the way out to concentrate on more product functions. We guarantee a 100% response within a stipulated timeframe. Reduce costs, gain confidentiality and data security, improve productivity and consistent quality, and get a reliable and experienced partner leveraging our email processing solutions.


Data mining essentially is the art of analyzing data from various different perspectives with the aim of extracting the right information. Data mining is mainly sued to extract information which in turn can aid in improved output and better results.

Why do we need data mining?

Any business will always deal with a huge amount of data and it is important to be sure that the data can be extracted for apt purposes. At PGTec, we have special data experts on board who are aware of the best process by which they can extract data and out it to different uses.


With our powerful data analytical services, PGTec offers some of the best details which can make a difference to your business. Analyzing data is a huge work and it involves a lot of sub-steps and complex processes.

The data which is present has to be converted into useful information which in turn could be put to multiple uses including the decision-making process as well.

With the finest expert data analytics services at PGTec, you can come up with better business strategies and sound operational support as well. There is increasing competition in nearly all fields and the need to retain your customers and to offer them something extra has become the need of the hour.

In such cases, it is important to be sure that you can tap the most out of your existing data. We, at PGTec, have specialized expertise when it comes to analyzing the data, studying it, and then subsequently processing it in a streamlined manner.

The consolidated reports obtained after thoroughly analyzing the data can be used by the higher management to extract meaningful information and even aid in business and managerial decisions too.

Our services

When it comes to data analytical services, our service encompasses a wide variety of different sub-services. Some of the key points included are as follows.

• Research of the business and the financial aspects pertaining to your line of operation.

• Market research for analyzing supply, demand, and other related characteristics.

• Carrying out data intelligence and data reports.

Domain-based analytics in separate verticals as per the client's needs and business demands.

Regardless of what you are looking for, we will offer skillful data analysis and give you the finest output which you are looking for. Hire our specialized services today and watch us make a difference.